Dear Staff


Here are the arrangements for Sunday, 18th and Monday 19th January 2015:



Text Box: INVITATION  Sunday 18th January at 6pm  Mareé and I invite you and your partner to our home for a light meal and drinks  The dress code is Smart Casual  Please let Wendy know if you are unable to attend     


Monday 19th January

08:00     Staff Chapel Service – Brooke Chapel

08:30     Coffee and Muffins – Heatlie Pavilion

09:00     Principal’s Welcome – Heatlie Pavilion

09:15     Jason Bantjes Presentation

10:15     Tea

10:30     Marcus Bizony : Matric Results

11:00     Vernon Wood : IQQA/Umalusi

11:15     Sean King : Finance Overview

11:30     College/Prep Meetings

12:30     Lunch – Frank Reid Pavilion

13:30     HOD Meetings



    Best wishes for a happy holiday, a Blessed Christmas and safe return.


                           Guy Pearson