Dear Parents


We are pleased to announce that the photographs and DVD from the recent 8th Bishops CLASSIC POPS are now available.



Professional photographs were taken of most of the items during the performance (including some rehearsals) by photographer Maryatta Wegerif, and are available to view online.


There are over 200 photos which can be downloaded free of charge in 9x13cm size (right click and save). These copies will have the photographer’s tag line on them. “Clean“ digital copies (without the tag line) of any photograph are available directly from Maryatta via email. Those can be ordered at up to 20x30cm for R35 per image, discounted to R25 per image for three images or more. Once you have the digital file you can obviously have it printed multiple times.


Please email Maryatta directily at, quoting the image number from the web album (e.g. 4 and 100), also attaching your proof of payment (having used your name as reference).


The bank details for payment are:
Maryatta Wegerif FNB Claremont, 200-109, acc no: 62310265237



This year’s full production is also available for order on Blu-Ray (Full High Definition) or DVD (Standard Definition). Please click here for the “trailer” (limited quality for preview only).


Email to place your order.


Blu-ray discs are R300.00 each

DVD discs are R250.00 each


Please note if you placed your order when you purchased tickets, please re-confirm your order to the above address.



The Blu-ray Disc will feature FULL HIGH DEFINITION (1920 x 1080) film footage and Dolby Digital sound. The DVD disc will feature STANDARD DEFINITION (720x480) film footage and Dolby Stereo sound.


Should you have any queries with regard to either of the above, please contact Laura Pithey on



PA Committee and Music Department