Dear Fellow Grade 11 Parents,


Fundraising Letter – Parents Party and Auction 2014


Given how fast the last four years have flown by, before we blink it is going to be this time next year and our sons’ matric dance will be a reality.


The matric dance is a time-honoured tradition, full of enduring memories. Driving down the Avenue in your chosen mode of transport, introducing your partner to Mr and Mrs Pearson, entering the Mallett Centre and being captivated by its complete transformation - grotty basketball court to incredible ballroom.


We are appealing to you, the Grade 11 parents of 2014, to help us raise the funds we need to transform the Mallett Centre next year and make our sons’ matric dance a night to remember.


The night after the matric dance we, as parents, get to experience much of the magic as we make use of the transformed venue to have our own incredible party, raise money and dance the night away. If you have booked tickets for the Parents Party and Auction and/or given generously, whether in cash or in items for our auctions or hampers or the bar – thank you. We appreciate it very much.


If you have not yet got involved – please think again. We have 46 more tickets at R450 per person available Please do come and join us. Be there and experience some of the magic for yourself. Don your tuxedos and ballgowns and have a one in around four hundred chance to win the fire and ice rose gold with crystal and white diamond earrings.


If you cannot or do not wish to attend the evening, please consider donating a ticket or two or three… However small (or big) your donation, we will be extremely grateful. And remember to have a look at the 2014 Parents Party website, Bidding on auction items has opened.


This is for our boys’ matric dance – and it is up to us to stand together and raise the funds. Please assist us. We so appreciate everyone’s input and enthusiasm.


With kind regards,


Karen Day and Laura Pithey
2014 Parents Party and Auction Convenors