Dear Parents, Members of Staff, Fellow ODs, Boys and Friends of Bishops


Best wishes for 2016!


The school has got off to a wonderful start to the year. The 1st term is always an exceptionally busy one and this year will be no different,
I’m sure.


Matric Results 2015

I hope that by now you will have seen the stunning Matric results achieved by our Leavers of 2015.  Council and I extend our congratulations
to all of them and to the teaching staff at Bishops, across the school, for their magnificent efforts with all our boys.


Elections to Council


I am very pleased to announce the election of three new members to Council with effect from 1 January 2016, as follows:


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  CHRIS HAW (34)


  Chris was at Bishops from 1994 to 1999 and has had direct family attending the school through subsequent generations
   since 1856.


  He has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cape Town and a PhD in Biomedical
  Engineering from the University of Oxford where he attended as a Rhodes Scholar.


  He is the co-founder and director at Aurora Power Group representing a range of companies operating in the energy
sector in South Africa. He is also co-founder, and first chairman, of the South African Photovoltiac Industry Association (SAPVIA), now
representing 125 member companies.


Through SAPVIA Chris has successfully contributed to the lobby for increased quotas of solar photovoltaics in the government's energy
procurement plan and established the association as the leading industry body in the PV sector. Aurora Power has successfully developed
260 MW of solar PV projects in South Africa, spanning 750Ha and which will generate approximately 100 billion carbon-free kWh over the
contracted life of plant.


Chris is an avid sportsman. As well as a regular watersport enthusiast (kiting-surfing, surfing and paddling), Chris played rugby at first team

level for UCT, Villagers and Oxford University. Chris is also a keen musician and has released two albums with local bands
Chiaroscuro (2003) and The Swingsetters (2014). He is a father of two (Kvitka and Michael) and currently resides in Fernwood Estate,
Newlands with his wife, Dzvinka. 





  Moshe is currently the Head of Communications at the Independent Media Group. He matriculated from Bishops in
  1997 after being awarded a full academic Hamilton Mvelase Scholarship to attend Bishops.


  He is a member of the OD Union Committee and is the Deputy Chairperson of the Western Cape Government’s
  Cultural Commission. Moshe also serves on the National Arts Council, where he represents the Western Cape on
matters pertaining to cultural inclusivity and the arts.

  He has also served on the City of Cape Town’s Naming Committee. In 2012 Moshe led the Name Your Street
  campaign to rename 91 former NY (Native Yard) streets in Gugulethu.


He was also the Marketing Manager of Gugulethu Square Shopping Centre from 2009 to 2012.  He is the founder member of Gugulethu
Youth Development Forum, an NGO that seeks to help youth from Gugulethu where he grew up.


Moshe is engaged to Matomelo and lives in Milnerton. In his free time he enjoys reading and has written a few thought-provoking articles

that have been published on regional and national newspapers.



Macintosh HD:Users:mbosman:Desktop:FullSizeRender (1).jpg  NAJMA SHAIKH


 Dr. Najma Shaikh is an Infectious Disease Epidemiologist and has worked extensively in the public health sector in
 South Africa.

 She completed her MPH in Epidemiology at Columbia University in New York City, as a post-doctoral Fogarty Fellow
  in 1994. 

 She was awarded the Oliver Tambo Fellowship for public health leadership and has a graduate diploma in Health Management from the
 Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town. 


She previously worked as a Senior Specialist in the HIV/AIDS Directorate of the Western Cape Department of Health, and also headed the
Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit of the Western Cape Department of Health.  Dr. Shaikh has worked as an academic, researcher and health
manager during the course of her career. 


Currently, she is the Epidemiologist for Kheth’Impilo – a national NGO that provides HIV prevention, treatment, care and support on behalf of
the South African government.  Her projects currently encompass the areas of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights for adolescents and
marginalized communities using existing platforms for social innovation.


She is married to Professor Haroon Bhorat, and they have three children, Taahir (17) – who is a Bishops pupil - and twin daughters Aliya (12) and
Samiya (12).  Najma is passionate about modern art, mid-century modern antiques and contemporary architectural design.


Function, role and members of Council


Further details of the function, role and membership of the Council at Bishops can be found on the school website at





Mr. Guy Pearson’s initial contract of employment as Principal comes to an end after a 5-year term in office on 31 December 2017. I am pleased to
announce that we have offered Mr. Pearson a 2-year extension to his contract, which he has agreed to. He now plans to retire on 31 December 2019.

Kind regards


Mike Bosman

Chairman of Council