Assembly 13 November 2015



Academic Awards


Congratulations to Tim Sharples, Reece Oellermann, Derek Reissenzahn, Keelan Vanmali and Alaric McGregor for achieving three commendation certificates.


Accelerated Art Leaders

Boyd Kane and James Wilson have been appointed as joint heads of the Accelerated Art Programme for 2016. Congratulations to them both.


We have come to the end of another successful year of Debating at Bishops, which saw our juniors win the provincial competition at UCT. The winning team after an exhausting internal league consisted: Aidan Bizony, Alex Peile, Nik Tapanlis, Ross Tucker, Tariq Dawray and Lloyd Wood. Please would Lloyd Wood come up to receive his debating tie for ranking among the top ten speakers.

The following debaters have met the criteria for half-colours:
Lloyd Jones, Daniel Bodenstein, Taahir Bhorat, Nik Tapanlis, Mac Cheminais and Stuart Mesham.

The following two boys receive full colours for debating:
Alex Peile: Alex has been a debater since Gr 8. In that time he has been trained as a UCT adjudicator, debated in Hong Kong, is currently the top speaker in the Bishops league, he is part of our Rotary team and has spoken in the annual provincial debating competition.

Ziyaad Bawa: Ziyaad is also part of our Rotary team, has represented Bishops at the provincial competition for three years, has coached the LEAP debating team and is a qualified UCT adjudicator.

The Chairperson of debating for 2016 is Alex Peile.


The following two boys need to be congratulated on being awarded Music Colours:

Half Colours: Angus Thring

Distinction Tie: Kwangbem Ko:
KB has recently passed two Grade 8 Royal Schools of Music London practical examinations on two instruments – the Violin and Piano - he achieved 93% for each of these examinations - an amazing accomplishment.


Basketball Leadership 2016

Congratulations to Andrew Gowar captain of basketball for next year and Jordan Ross vice-captain


The following boys achieved centuries recently:

Tyla Scarles, 107*/Stayers X1 vs Norman Henshilwood (T20) and Jono Bird, 108*/Stayers X1 vs Norman Henshilwood (T20)

The following boys achieved 5 wickets or more:

Lukhanyo Mntonintshi 6.3-0-24-6/U17A vs Paul Roos, Stephen Fourie 14-3-29-5/U15A vs Wynberg and Na’eem Adonis 19-6-50-5/U14A vs Wynberg.


Congratulations to the following who have been awarded colours for cricket:


Half Colours are awarded to Nick Pithey, Reece Conrad, Nathan Mngomezulu, Max Newbury and Richard Baikoff.

Full Colours are awarded to Tom Richardson (re-award), Matthew Rudston (re-award), Luke Burton and Tyla Scarles.




The Captain of Cricket for 2016 is Tyla Scarles.

Fly Fishing

Luke Baker has achieved phenomenal results for fly fishing and is recognised on the world stage. The Jonny Marr Floating Trophy for fly fishing is awarded to Luke for his dedication and commitment. Would Luke please come forward and collect the trophy.


The Inter House Rowing Challenge took place in the second week of term. It was made up of individual races on an ergo machine as well as team events. White House must be congratulated on winning the overall trophy. They beat Gray House by a mere 23 seconds. Would a member of the White House team please come forward and collect the trophy.


Congratulations to Gray House for winning the Junior Singles Tennis Competition. Shane Goodsell and Brandon Snider beat Birt House in the final. Gray House also won in 2014.



Congratulations to the following on their election to office in the SRF for 2015/16.
Chairman - Matthew Perrott and Secretary - Matt van Westenbrugge.